About the


A) To increase the interest and enhance knowledge in the field of EU studies, particularly in the field of EU values, diversity and intercultural dialogue in order to prepare citizens, future political and economic leaders, as well as opinion leaders and law makers.

B) The stimulation of research, reflection and dialogue in the field of European integration studies, particularly EU values, diversity and intercultural dialogue from a multidisciplinary perspective. In this respect, the following objectives shall be pursued:

C) The increased cooperation between academia, research institutions, international organisations and institutions and the civil society in the EU that will enhance the capacities of professors and researchers and address society’s needs.

Activities and Main Outcomes

The aims and objectives of the project will be achieved by:

1)The introduction of new teaching and training activities, self-training tools and newly designed academic  content promoting active citizenship based on tolerance and solidarity which will be available to the general public.

2)Advanced research on different aspects of European Values and diversity and introduction of new activities of interest.

3)The organization of events such as conferences, roundtables and guest lectures, which will ensure debate, the flow of knowledge and the provision of new research insights.

4)Exchange of information, best practices and knowledge.

Round tables, Conferences, Seminars and Guest Lectures

Axis One: Fundamental Rights, Values and Diversity

  • Roundtable debate 1: Fundamental rights , values and diversity: conflicts and paradigms
  • Conference 1: The role of Intercultural Dialogue in managing diversity in Europe

Axis Two: European Identities, Inclusion and Equality

  • Roundtable debate 2: The Status and Image of the Non-Europeans in European Societies
  • Conference 2: Social exclusion, vulnerable groups and the new EU social Rights Pillar

Axis Three: Citizenship, security and external relations

  • Roundtable debate 3: EU and Southeastern Europe: Elements of convergence and divergence
  • Conference 3: Intercultural dialogue in the EU foreign policy

Axis Four: EU security Watchspot

  • Guest lectures
  • EU Security database

Two-day International Conference

EU Values, Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue: Enhancing the debate between tolerance and difference

Two seminars

  1. The challenges for the European Societies
  2. Intercultural dialogue as a European Project