INTERNSHIP AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MACEDONIA’S JEAN MONNET PROJECT “Enhancing the Debate about Intercultural Dialogue, EU Values and Diversity” FROM FEBRUARY 2020 TO MAY 2020

Any undergraduate or postgraduate students who wish to, can sign up for a non-paying internship at the Jean Monnet Project EUVaDis by sending an email under the subject “praktikiaskisi” at with a CV attached, by Friday 31 of January 2020.

The positions are offered for 6 to 8 students form the Department of International and European Studies of UoM, the Department of Law of AUTh, the Department of Journalism of AUTh, the Department of Political Science of the AUTh and from any other relevant department of a Greek or foreign university.

Interviews will be held on Wednesday February 5 2020 at 15.00 at the office 433 on the fourth floor of the KZ Tower of University of Macedonia. Order of priority will apply.

The excellent knowledge of the English language is a requirement and the interviewees will be taking an informal written test in which they will have to translate a paragraph from Greek to English. The test will take place from 15.00 to 16.00.

The terms of the internship are the following:

The internship is non-paying. It will last from Monday February 17th 2020 to May 31th 2020, with breaks for Easter vacations, and the exam period. It will be flexible to accommodate the students’ schedule first and foremost. It includes 4 office hours and voluntary work for approximately 10 hours per week for the interns. In the case of unjustified and continuing neglect of duties the internship will be terminated and there will be no certificate awarded. The internship can be long-distance, however the interns must be physically present at the University at least once a week for 4 hours, in order to coordinate with the holder of the Jean Monnet Chair, Associate Professor Despina Anagnostopoulou and the Research Assistant Antonia Koumpoti, upon agreeing on a day and time that suits everyone involved.

The internship will include two or more of the following tasks:

  • the research, preparation and editing on the official website of a research paper in English and in Greek
  • the research, preparation and editing for the Jean Monnet EU Security Watch Spot website of case law collections and legislation in Greece, the EU and Member-States, as well as opinions and presentations both in Greek and in English,
  • the promotion of the Projects’s events and news coverage
  • the administrative support of the Project’s website
  • the administrative support of the Project’s conferences
  • the transcription of lectures from the Project’s conferences
  • the proofreading of the Project’s books that will be in English and in Greek, which includes the reading and correcting of dictation and typographic mistakes in the texts as well as the correction and editing of the footnotes and bibliography according to a selected style
  • the translation of texts from Greek to English and vice versa and the correction of translations.
  • the research on databases and finding of references, case law and legislation in European law, institutions and policies.
  • the montaging and posting of videos from the Center’s events on YouTube.

At the end of the internship, if completed successfully, the interns will be awarded a certificate of internship according to their duties. The interns will have the opportunity to improve their use of the English language in general, but also on terminology, and will gain experience on researching. Finally, there is a 15 day trial period.